Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is Black Girl Beach Day?

  • Black Girl Beach Day™ is a beach meet-up centered around girls of color promoting solidarity, inclusivity and sisterhood amongst all black woman identifying persons in all shapes and shades.

Why does Black Girl Beach Day have ticketed admission instead of it being free as it was the previous two years?

  • Great Question! We’ve learned that in order to create a festive, safe and secure experience there are costs incurred. Unlike the previous 2 years, this year we will have our own private gated area on the beach! We will have our own security, lifeguarding, restrooms and paramedics. In order to better accommodate the community we’ve created, we’ll have to charge a ticketed admission.

What does my ticket include?

  • Your ticket to Black Girl Beach Day includes your entry into the event and participation in activities including but not limited to guided yoga and meditation, volleyball, beach summits, spiritual readings, a beach bike ride, double dutch competition, and more! Tickets will also allow you to shop our official Black Girl Beach Day store as well as some really dope black girl vendors! 

Why are Ally Tickets priced higher?

  • A persistent gender and  race based wage gap continues to harm black women, their families and the economy. Black women make $0.61 for every $1 paid to white men. Single white women with bachelors degrees ages 20-39 have a net worth of $3,400-$7,500. Single black women with the same level of education ...$0. These are just a few of the staggering numbers. Our ally tickets present an opportunity for our allies to acknowledge these disparities and SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN!

Will food be provided?

  • BGBD will not provide food but we encourage our community to patronize the local Atlantic City shops & eateries and will update you with a list of BGBD approved vendors! 

Can my kids come?

  • Absolutely! We love the lil’uns. Black Girl Beach Day welcomes children of all types. Children under 6 years old are free to attend, while youth between the ages of 6-12 years old require an admission ticket, which we sell at a discounted rate.

I do not identify as a woman of color, can I still attend?

  • Absolutely! We welcome our allies with open arms. We understand that men, brothers, fathers, friends and the like will be interested in attending Black Girl Beach Day. We ask that all allies purchase an ally ticket to account for their presence. We also encourage allies to donate to Black Girl Beach Day and support our cause. 

Are pets allowed?

  • Not this time! Atlantic City has a strict no pets allowed policy. We love them but please leave them  home as they will not be permitted on the beach.

What if I need a ride or want to carpool?

  • We’ve got you covered! We understand that sharing rides may be ideal for some girls interested in patronizing the event. Click HERE for our carpool sign up ran by Here you can enter whether you need a ride or are interested in providing a ride and details can be worked out amongst your carpool group.

Will I have difficulty parking?

  • There is a TON of metered parking in the area as well as parking lots who’s daily rate average about $10. Bally’s and Caesar’s Casinos are also both within walking distance and offer daily parking rates. 

Will tickets be sold at the event?

  • No. Black Girl Beach Day solely uses digital ticketing. All tickets must be purchased online! 

Are alcoholic beverages permitted?

  • Sorry sis, but according to local ordinances it is illegal to possess alcohol on the beach. Please know that Atlantic City beach patrol will be present on the beach and citations can carry hefty fines and even jail time. 

Can I smoke?

  • Actually no, although Black Girl Beach Day is outdoors, the space we have created is a smoke free space, the use of any smoking products or devices is strictly prohibited.

Can I bring my bike, skates, skateboard or scooter?

  • The only wheel sport permitted is biking. Biking is allowed up until 12:00 PM. 

Is there a dress code?

  • There is no dress code but while we encourage our patrons to show up and show out, we ask that you consider that this is a family friendly event.

Can I sell my goods? 

  • All entities seeking to vend at Black Girl Beach Day must be approved by the Black Girl Beach Day team prior to the event. Until we open a vendors application, we ask that you do not attend BGBD with the intent to vend. All patrons illegally vending at BGBD will be asked to leave and will not receive a refund.

Can I bring food or cook on the beach?

  • While pre-packaged food is allowed at BGBD 2019, any heating, cooking, or food preparation devices are strictly prohibited. Chicken Bone Beach is conveniently located on Atlantic City’s Boardwalk. Food vendors are within walking distance!

Can I come alone?

  • You are more than welcome to come on your own. In fact we encourage it!  There is plenty opportunity to form new friendships!

Is black girl beach day wheelchair accessible?

  • Yes! Atlantic City beach provides beach wheelchairs for those in need and there are ramps to get onto the beach as well! 

Any more questions? Just email us at